Our History

15 years of supporting human rights at the grassroots


Starting off

Global Friends in Action (GFIA) incorporates as a non-profit in New York and receives 501(c)3 status. GFIA begins supporting community partners in Zambia to address the heavy impact of HIV/AIDS.


Our First 10 Years 

GFIA's work focuses on empowering People Living with HIV/AIDS to live with dignity; preventing HIV/AIDS; and assisting impacted families


Hope House Programs Begin

Recognizing shifting needs in Zambia, GFIA's focus shifts to providing jobs skills training for youth, ages 15-25, impacted by HIV/AIDS in their families. In 2008, Hope House provides 85 students with new skills in tailoring, building, food production and electrical engineering. 


Progress, but More
Work Needed

UNAIDS reports that AIDS-related deaths fall 30% from their global peak in 2005. Antiretroviral treatments have become more accessible and effective. However, an estimated 35 million people are living with AIDS worldwide and millions more have been left orphaned or impacted through family members.


Zambia & Beyond

With growing restrictions on civil society worldwide and a backlash against respect for human rights, GFIA's Board of Directors moves to expand the organization's mission and scope of work.  GFIA simultaneously retains and builds on its earlier successes in Zambia to strengthen community capacity to effectively respond to challenges brought by the HIV/AIDS crisis.


New Programs: Building Global Networks and Strengthening Rights Protection

Since 2020, we have been building new programs designed to support and protect the rights of vulnerable groups in Asia and Africa. This has also included exploring strategies for supporting greater civil society cooperation globally.